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QUESTION: I am aware that you never — ever — split 10s against a dealer's 5 or 6. However, I have been tempted to do so when no one else.
One way of discovering whether a player you are playing with knows the game of blackjack inside out is in regards to how they will play off a pair of 10 valued cards that are dealt out to them.. Splitting 10’s in a Las Vegas Casino.. After playing a couple of hands one of the other.
For any decent strategist, blackjack is a game of situational decisions. One such decision that most veterans will tell you never to make is splitting 10s, especially ...

Blackjack Card Counting Challenge - What's the Count?

Welcome to Wild Jack online casino, home of the best online blackjack in the universe. While it's definitely our blackjack that makes us Number 1 in 21, blackjack ...
While at the blackjack table, you will inevitably find yourself in situations when the dealer will deal you starting hands that consist of paired cards, i.e. two cards of ...
Blackjack hands don't occur with equal frequency.. “I've been trying to get my dad to stop splitting 10s for at least 20 years, ever since I was.
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My first successful 10-10 split against 5 at high TC! 8-Deck Game (I use Hi-Opt II + ASC) I was playing two hands (bet $200 per hand) with one ...
If you split a pair of eights against the dealer's 9 or ten when the deck is +ve, chances are good you will receive a 10 on each 8. Learn splitting in blackjack here.
Obviously, you're doubling the amount you're betting by doing any split. Also, I'm assuming you're considering splitting 10's against a very weak dealer hand: ...

starburst-pokieBlackjack Splitting Pairs Split 10 blackjack

Why You Should Never Split 10's in Blackjack Split 10 blackjack

We go over the truth about card counting, when to split in blackjack and. Although, if the dealer shows a 7, 10 or ace it may be better to stay.
I always split 10's against a dealers face card of a 5. I do this even if a strategy chart would discourage it. The only thing I dislike about splitting ...
Having a pair of 10's in a game of Blackjack is probably one of the combinations players hope for throughout the game and whenever they get lucky to get such ...

Split 10 blackjackcasinobonus

split 10 blackjack Hello, readers of SuperCasinoSites!
My name is Dan Howard.
I am one of the co-writers at this website and a person with a vast experience in playing roulette online and offline.
I have helped review click of the web-based casinos and roulette variations you can read about at SuperCasinoSites, with a focus on providing you with accurate information that can help you in finding the best casino websites.
Splitting pairs carries a massive potential when it comes to maximizing your profits at the blackjack table.
This move can be just as lucrative as but unfortunately, the vast majority of recreational players find themselves in a quandary when they are dealt a pair.
And there is the third group of unskilled players who follow their gut and split pairs at random.
What they tend to forget is that and as such, it does not allow you to make intuitive decisions as is the case in other card games like poker.
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In fact, increases by nearly 0.
Instead of taking advantage of the splitting option to increase their profits, many blackjack players make awful splitting decisions which only end up making money for the house.
The following article aims at clarifying when and why pair splitting is the optimal playing decision and when players should refrain from it.
Pair Splitting — How Does It Work?
The concept of pair splitting is a simple one to grasp — when players are dealt a pair of cards of equal value, like J-10, 4-4, or A-A, they have the option to split and play them as two separate hands.
Keep in mind that you cannot announce your decision to split verbally only but must indicate it with a hand signal, which in this case is to form a V shape with your index and middle fingers and tap the felt next to your betting circle.
The chips for the extra bet should never be placed on top of those for the original one.
Instead, you position them next to your initial stack of chips.
The dealer would then separate the 7s into two hands and draw one extra card on each 7.
The two hands are then played one after the other, with players having a choice from the standard playing decisions.
Should they receive another pair, they typically have the option to resplit.
Rule Variations Pertaining to Pair Splitting The tricky thing about pair splitting is that the rules pertaining to this move may vary depending on which check this out you are playing at.
In most establishments andplayers are allowed to resplit until they form up to four separate hands.
The resplitting of Aces is prohibited at many tables which gives the house edge a boost roughly of 0.
Note that split Aces receive only one additional card and players are not allowed to take a hit afterward.
This peculiarity of the rules increases the house edge by around 0.
There are also casinos that allow you to cards but only if they are of the same denomination like a pair of 10s or a pair of Jacks.
In most cases, doubling down after splitting DAS is allowed which enables you to increase your action to up to 8 bets i.
Another important thing to keep in mind is that when you split a pair of Aces and draw a ten-value card next to your Ace, the hand is not considered a bankroll blackjack wizard odds of />It is counted as a regular total of 21 so you receive even money if you win.
DAS is a very profitable rule for the blackjack player and its absence NDAS is quite detrimental, taking away around 0.
How Pair Splitting Helps Blackjack Players As we mentioned briefly in blackjack to guaranteed ways win beginning, pair splitting is very useful because it decreases the house edge by nearly 0.
But how does it help the player exactly?
This is the right course of action particularly against dealer upcards like 4, 5, 6, and 7 but whether or not this is the optimal move also depends on what pair of cards you are holding.
Splitting helps players in several ways.
First, it guarantees they generate more profits on average over the long run because they pour more money on the felt against a weak dealer who is more likely to lose.
Second, splitting enables you to over the long term which is just as important.
And last but not least, this playing decision gives you the opportunity to turn a bad starting hand into a good one, potentially increasing your chances of winning the round.
Here are several examples of how pair splitting helps you win more, lose less, and transform a bad hand into a good one.
Pair Splitting Allows You to Maximize Your Profits Our first example involves a hypothetical situation where you get dealt against a dealer with a 6 at a multiple-deck table where the dealer is required to stand on soft 17 and you can split to up split 10 blackjack four hands.
If you choose to stand on your total of 18, you will win 64 out of every 100 hands on average and lose the other 36 times.
The odds are clearly in your favor in this case.
The interesting thing here is that splitting this pair decreases your chances of winning by 4% to 60% but increases the profits you generate.
You win only 60 out of every hundred hands on average and lose the other 40 times.
Pair Splitting Helps You Minimize Your Losses Splitting clearly gives your winnings a good boost but it also helps you reduce your losses from negative expectation bets.
This hand has over 50% probability of busting.
The odds swing in favor of the house this time as your expected win rate drops to 36 out of every hundred hands.
But what if you split your pair of 7s?
Splitting improves your likelihood of success because it allows you to start each of the two hands with a 7 instead of 14.
Consistently making this decision will cause you to lose only 55 out of every hundred hands and win the other 45 times.
Splitting Helps You Improve Your Hand Sometimes One of the most rewarding occasions at the blackjack table is when a player starts a round with a poor two-card total but improves it after a split.
Many choose to stand.
Yet, this is anything but a good decision and here is why.
When you choose to stand with 7s against a weak dealer with a 6, you will win an average of 42 out of every hundred hands and lose the other 58 hands.
The option of splitting gives you the chance to start each of the two hands with a 7.
This is a significant improvement in the odds since now you are facing a positive expectation in the long run.
When you split your 7s against a 6 consistently, you end up winning 52 out of every hundred hands and lose only 48 hands on average.
The Pairs You Should Never Split Some players are governed by their intuition when splitting pairs which ultimately results in losing money over the long run.
In blackjack, some pairs should never be split, or at least not if basic strategy is your only weapon in the battle against the casino.
Such is the split 10 blackjack with and pairs of ten-value cards.
When you start a round with a pair of 10s, click face two possible playing decisions — you either stand on your pat 20 or split the pair.
Some inexperienced players tend to choose split, especially against a dealer with a weak upcard like 5 or 6.
They justify this move because they supposedly have the opportunity to win two split 10 blackjack instead of one because the dealer is in a breaking position with these small cards.
But they are wrong because this only ends up costing them more money in the long term.
Standing on pat 20 wins 78 out of every hundred hands you play on average against a dealer with a6 who hits soft 17.
You end up winning less money despite increasing your action when in a favorable position, which is why you should never split 10s unless you are counting cards.
The same applies to pairs of 5s — you should always refrain from splitting those if you use only basic strategy at the table.
A starting hand with a total of 10 puts you in a very good position.
You risk ruining your hand and losing twice as much in the process.
The Pairs You Should Always Split Basic strategy dictates one should always split and 8s but many novices choose not to listen.
A total of 16 should always be surrendered against a dealer 10 but not so if it consists of two 8s.
Inexperienced players often forfeit this pair in exchange for half of their bet out of fear they might end up with two bad hands instead of one and lose twice as much in a single round.
And indeed, there is no room for doubt a pair of 8s against a dealer with a strong ten-value card puts you in a very bad spot regardless of whether you choose to hit, stand, split or surrender.
You will inevitably end up losing money.
However, playing two hands with a starting point of 8 causes you to incur smaller long-term losses than playing one hand with a total of 16 against a powerful dealer with a 10.
Both hitting or standing in this situation lead to winning only 23 out of every hundred hands while the other 77 hands result in losses, excluding the pushes.
Splitting actually increases your chances of success with this card holding.
If you make this move, you win 38 out of every hundred hands on average and lose the remaining 62 times.
Pairs You Should Always Split Additional TipsPlayers who chicken out and surrender their paired 8s against a 10 lose only half of their initial wager.
Every now and then, you will end up losing both bets after you split but at least you can have the peace of mind you made the mathematically correct move which ultimately saves you money in the long term.
The two Aces result in a soft 12 which is a hand you are going to break frequently.
Suppose you are playing a six-deck game and start a fresh round of play with A-A after the dealer has reshuffled.
If you indeed end up pulling 10s next to each Ace, you are practically unbeatable with your total of 21.
The worst that can happen is pushing with the dealer.
Why would then someone hesitate to split Aces is beyond us.
The Aces are powerful cards in blackjack, which is why casinos typically enforce various restrictions on splitting them in order to decrease the advantage this move gives the players.
They prohibit hitting after splitting Aces and the resplitting of Aces.
Remember the house is well-familiar with the mathematics of the game so do yourself a favor and always stick to basic strategy when playing pairs, or at least until you master card counting and playing deviations.
We ourselves are not casino operators, do not offer any real-money games on our website, and cannot be held liable for the financial risks readers take when participating in real-money gambling activities.
Visitors of SuperCasinoSites should keep in mind gambling can be highly addictive and as such, should always be approached responsibly and with due measure.
If you or someone you know struggles with gambling addiction, we recommend you contact the free gambling helplines like those operated by organizations like.
Before you register and play at any of the casinos we review and recommend, do check double deck blackjack shuffle legal and regulatory frameworks pertaining to real-money online gambling in your country to ensure you are not acting in violation with its laws. split 10 blackjack split 10 blackjack split 10 blackjack split 10 blackjack split 10 blackjack split 10 blackjack

Splitting Tens Conversation with Blackjack Pros

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Blackjack hands don't occur with equal frequency.. “I've been trying to get my dad to stop splitting 10s for at least 20 years, ever since I was.
Rules. A blackjack game has a dealer and one or more players.. Face cards count 10, ace may be 1 or 11. The dealer is. Never split 10's, 5's or 4's. Always ...
QUESTION: I am aware that you never — ever — split 10s against a dealer's 5 or 6. However, I have been tempted to do so when no one else.


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